Meet Our Founders

Cole Tenney

US Navy 2014 - 2019

Cole served in the US Navy from August 2014 - October 2019 as an Aviation Structural Mechanic, Safety Equipment-man (AME).

Cole was stationed at Marine Core Air-station Miramar from June 2015 - June 2017 at VMFAT 101. Afterwards he was a mechanic at VFA-34 in Virginia Beach where he would end his stint in the military.

Since leaving the service, Cole has Founded 2 companies, self published his book "The Road to 100", and has received his degree in business management.

He currently runs M2M and is pursuing his bachelors using his VA benefits.

Joe Tenney

US Navy 2016 - 2023

Joe served in the US Navy from July 2016 - October 2023 as a Aircrew Survival Equipment-man (PR).

Joe was stationed at Naval Air-station Lemoore throughout his time in service. Starting as a flight equipment technician at VFA-113 from 2016-2020, Joe finished out his time in the Navy as a survival instructor at the Aviation Survival Training Center at NAS Lemoore.

Since leaving the service, Joe is using his VA benefits to pursue a degree in Web Development while continuing to build M2M with Cole.

"Cole and I have always had the approach of "Let's build something that we wish that we had when we were exiting the military." Each veteran we help, opens another door to new ideas of how we can better serve the veteran community.

We aim to put the power in veterans hands so that they are able to smoothly exit the military and begin their next chapter of life with confidence and support.

- Joe