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The Road to 100 is a 50 page eBook designed to be a veterans resource guide to refer to for all their VA benefits needs. Inside you will find invaluable information for filing an accurate VA claim, as well as resources such as - 100% claim examples from previous M2M members, common claims for male/females, the exact strategies we use for helping veterans and much more!
M2M University is a virtual education center where veterans are able to get in depth education on all the topics that we cover in The Road to 100. Inside, you have direct access to The Road to 100, Scripts on Demand, Slack channel access, claim reviews from previous members and much more!
Scripts on Demand is a software that is integrated with AI. All you have to do is copy and paste the conditions that you are filing on you VA claim and Scripts will email you all the information needed so that you are able to come to your exams prepared!

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